Where to trade Tezos ( $XTZ ) futures & perpetual contracts

Here is the list of reliable Tezos futures contracts exchanges.

The list will be continuously updated, no Bitmex for now even if they have info about Tezos on their site.

1. You can trade Tezos on Binance futures

Starting February 2020, You can trade the perpetual XTZ / USDT futures contract and this is probably the best choice hands down

  1. Delta.exchange

Trade Tezos against BTC

leverage up to 20x

Create a Delta Exchange account with 10$ free

2. Emx.com

Trade Tezos against USD

Emx uses Cross leverage by default

Create an EMX account with 10$ free

4. Gate.io XTZ USDT using usdt as collateral


Why people are being interested in trading Tezos contracts?

Real estate STO



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