Waves (WAVES)
Waves is a decentralized public (permissionless) blockchain with easy, cost effective token creation and distribution, safer smartcontracts and cheap, fast, transactions. Featuring PoS, mining profitability increases as the network adoption increases. It uses Waves-NG for scaling. The UVP of Waves are its next generation, business friendly smart contracts, and the synergy with Vostok, which will allow startups, financial and public institutions to run their own blockchain and to and make private and public blockchains "talk" seamlessly. Equity tokens are coming.
  • Waves ICO price $0.18 0.00030000 BTC 0.010 ETH 1 WAVES
  • Raised in ICO
    0 Dollars
    30 000 Bitcoin
    0 Ethereum
    0 Waves
    currently worth
    $277 680 300.00
    for project Development

    Core Team of 62 members
    Based in Moscow, Russia

  • ATH $16.08
  • Current price $1.27 0.0001376 BTC 0.00528 ETH 1 WAVES
  • ROI In USD 7.06x In BTC 0.46x In ETH 0.53x In WAVES 1x


Ledger Age 49 months
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ICO value  Highly Undervalued