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TomoChain (TOMO)
Tomochain is a permissionless, public blockchain. The consensus mechanism is PoSV, not PoW. This means low fees and higher TPS for dApps And since it's EVM compatible, all the smartcontracts written for Ethereum can be ported to Tomo. Existing ethereum projects are now partners, ready to migrate. Holders can stake right from the official wallet app: no desktop, no mining rig needed. PoSV mechanism sees a max of 150 masternodes who need to deposit at least 50000 $TOMO. The top 150 Masternodes are then voted by holders, who earn a mining reward based on how that node performs and its current stacking.
  • TomoChain ICO price $0.22 0.00002 BTC 0.000256 ETH 0.033 WAVES
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    10 000 Ethereum
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    currently worth
    $1 342 100.00
    for project Development

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  • ATH $2.27
  • Current price $0.6186 0.0001574 BTC 0.004619 ETH 0.2307 WAVES
  • ROI In USD 2.81x In BTC 7.87x In ETH 18.04x In WAVES 6.99x


Ledger Age 3 months
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