Microcaps cryptocurrency exchange? Here is where to trade sub 10M coins

According to Nik Patel in his Medium article microcaps can be the most high-risk / hi-reward coins

They all are altcoin below 10 Million Marketcap

Microcaps are risky because of their low funding, therefore they rely on community for marketing activities

Sometimes, they are still well funded and they have strong team, but future shillers are silently accumulating while fudding the project.

Example of microcaps with large team working on them:

  • Aergo>
  • Phantasma>

With cryptopia basically dead, new better alternatives were born during the bear market 2018-2019


Kucoin is probably the best Tier 2 exchange out there. If you Exclude Binance, Huobi, you have kucoin immediately after them. The good thing is, Kucoin doesn’t focus solely on Large and Medium caps, but also

Stex embraces microcaps. Probably because of its low listing fees, Stex gained a reputation for listing microcaps supported by various crypto influencers like chicocrypto (Sentivate) or John Mcafee ( Wavesbet)

Idex was a really popular ERC20 tokens exchange but lately the development is stagnating and requires heavy kyc.

Wavesdex is the only decentralised microcaps exchange with a decent volume. It’s expected to gain marketshare from Idex and Stex, since the community will vote to list new ERC-20 tokens, not just native waves tokens.

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