Kin (KIN)
Kin is a decentralized consumers currency & developers monetization ecosystem. It has its own blockchain, with fast and zerofee transactions. Therefore, price depends on demand, not mining or fees. Kin is meant to be used by high Tx Volume, consumer apps. Its ambition is to be used by Millions in our everyday life.
  • Kin ICO price $0.0001 USD 0.00000003 BTC 0.00000043 ETH 0.00002 WAVES
  • Raised in ICO
    0 Dollars
    0 Bitcoin
    209 000 Ethereum
    0 Waves
    currently worth
    $28 014 360.00
    for project Development

    Core Team of 30 members
    Based in

  • ATH $0.00
  • Current price $0.00005094 0.00000001 BTC 0.00000038 ETH 0.00001892 WAVES
  • ROI In USD 0.51x In BTC 0.33x In ETH 0.88x In WAVES 0.95x


Ledger Age 14 months
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ICO value  Undervalued