Binance futures invite code: how to get access

So, you are looking for binance futures website. It’s a great new addition to the crypto ecosystem, and you can trade major coins with high leverage.

First thing first, here is the the direct url to the Binance futures section:

The first thing you should consider if you don’t have any prior experience with trading future contracts (eg on Bitmex>INTERNAL) is: what’s my budget for future contracts?

You don’t want to keep your crypto on the same account you use for trading bitcoin futures on margin.

The risk? You get emotional and gamble your losses on the futures

That’s why we recommend to make it hard, creating two accounts

Having 2 binance accounts is perfectly ok if you use a different identity document other than the first you used on the first account

Create your account here

Invite codes:


The invite codes for the binance futures are constantly shared by ICOprice on our twitter.

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