5 GREEN Crypto currencies even Greta would approve (infographic)

Bitcoin is not green. That’s what they say.

First, try to answer this question:

Bitcoin VS Fiat, which is more environmentally sustainable?

It’s an hard question, once you take all the factors into account, it’s not that easy to give a definitive answer.

But let’s jump straight to the greenest cryptocurrencies out there.

First requirement: not using PoW as consensus mechanism.

In fact, poW is resource intensive, and made popular by Bitcoin.

While crypto maximalist say that’s the only way to make a ledger safe, some other projects are validating transactions with Proof of Stake.

You don’t need an expensive and  GPU / Mining rig and you won’t need much energy.

A raspberry Pi (last generation) is enough

And you will probably able to install a node on android phone soon to just support the network







Projects with small GitHub activity have been filtered out.



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