ICO Price list

#Token nameICO PriceCurrent priceROIIco Platform
1 Ethereum0.30587.431958.1xCustom
2 Waves0.205.1779725.89xCustom
3 Augur0.5036.728873.46xEthereum
4 Chronobank7.6014.8641.96xWaves
5 Incent0.060.2754724.59xWaves
6 Wings0.050.511710.23xEthereum
7 Stratis0.025.36075268.04xCustom
8 Iconomi0.101.1784711.78xEthereum
9 Golem-network-tokens0.010.25431525.43xEthereum
10 Gnosis-gno6092.22161.54xEthereum
11 Tokencard0.301.161753.87xEthereum
12 Aragon0.90 (25M)3.798674.22xEthereum
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